DP Breaking News : Bob Woolmer is No More


In News just in Bob Woolmer the coach of the Pakistani Cricket Team passed away at a hospital in Jamaica. As per reports from Reuters and The International Herald Tribune , woolmer was found unconscious in his hotel room and was taken to the emergency ward for medical attention. Woolmer(58) who was born in Kanpur,India was one of the best cricket coaches and had in the past coached South Africa turning it into the world class team that it is today. He had also played for England from 1972 to 1976.

The turn of events in the cricket world over the past few days have been really shocking, starting with India’s Loss to Bangladesh, Pakistan’s Loss to Ireland and now this. The circumstances in which woolmer has passed away are very questionable and it remains to be seen what led to his sudden demise.

DelhiPlanet would like to pay it’s tribute to Bob Woolmer and his entire family. We also request the media and all cricket fans not to be fanatical about the sport as it puts great stress and pressure on the players,coaches and their families. Cricket is just a game and not war, let’s treat it like a sport without attaching one’s personal honour and pride to the results of matches.


  1. not to mention that he was the “crazy guy” who used to “watch the notebook more than the field”! he was the pioneer who brought technology to the game in a big way. now-a-days, many a sports-persons actually analyze their opponents on their iPods in hotel rooms!

    hats off to the guy…may his soul rest in peace


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